Vardaan Market Serves A Wide Class of People Jolly Well

Vardaan market on Camac Street has become very popular with the medium level Calcutta crowd for their shopping needs. When it was established, it took away a lot of dedicated A.C. Market clients who first went for curiosity and then realised that this market carries a wide range of goods at quite attractive prices.

The shops mainly stock cloths and apparel but there are quite a few jewellery shops in the 1st floor like Jalan Jewellers and India Gem & Jewellery. You can get sarees, salwar suits, men’s dresses, shoes and gift items. A shop selling audio and video CDs is very popular. Most of the shopkeepers will allow a little bit of discount if you insist but don’t expect to get major discounts like you get on the street shops.

While there, do not forget to visit the underground section. Some of these shops stock a very good collection.

Happy shopping!