SCIENCE CITY: the prodigy of science, communication and environment

SCIENCE CITY: the prodigy of science, communication and environment is the first and only institution of its kind in India.

The Science City situated in the eastern part of Kolkata is a great gateway for young and old alike with lots of fun and education. It is another addition to Kolkata’s long list of tourist attractions.

This architectural showpiece has more than just its external grandeur. Once you enter the sylvan surroundings of the Science City, you are greeted with beautifully landscaped expanse interspersed with equally gorgeous flower gardens. A showcase of scientific applications, this is the first and the only institution of its kind in India. The different sections of the complex include the Space odyssey, Dynamotion, Life Science Corners, Science Park, Toy Train & Ropeway, the Dinosaurs Complex and others.

Set amidst trees and lawns, here one finds science out of doors and alive! For instance, consider the Quick Sand phenomenon wherein you will experience the ground beneath your shift, just like an earthquake.

The main attraction of Science City is the Space Theatre – a circular auditorium with a dome-shaped ceiling, which, from the interior, looks like an inverted bowl. Another major attraction is the musical fountain, where colored jets of water dance to the sound of music.

You encounter the aquatic world of fishes as well as the mysterious world of insects. As far as the aqua world is concerned, a bewildering variety of aquariums showcase some of the world’s most exotic fishes in a near natural environment.

It is a brainchild of the National Council of Science Museums. It’s ideal for the tourist interested in the nuts and bolts of science. If you’re in the mood for a simulated earthquake or a tornado, drop by here. Also worth a watching is the collection of live birds and insects, and dinosaur models. A great place for children, indeed!

As far as food and beverages are concerned, there are quality Food Courts located at strategic points. The Science City is a remarkable place for budding scientists as it is with the elderly lot. A whole new world of science and technology opens up in front of your naked eyes; Memories of which linger on for a lifetime!

Ideally, Science City is a good whole-day-affair kind of a destination and is much preferred by stressed out Kolkatans who come here to rejuvenate with family and children.

Now I am sure, reading all this you must be wondering how to reach this marvel fun and education? Well reaching there is very convenient. Local buses, mini buses and metered taxis are readily available from various parts of the city. One can also avail shared auto rickshaws. Train services are available on the Sealdah route. In case of travel by train, your getaway station is Bidhan Nagar. From Bidhan Nagar station, there are shared auto rickshaws as well as metered taxis.

If you are at Science City, don’t miss your visit at Nicco Park, an amusement park. Adjacent to the park is the Nalban Boating Complex, the unique aquatic joint with its placid waters and rows of shady trees under the vast expanse of the welkin above, offering a close-to-nature experience with its greenery, flowers and the cool breezes blowing across the wetlands. Opposite the Salt Lake stadium is the Subhash Sarovar (lake), which is not very well maintained but has the potential to become a nice tourist spot.  Swabhumi Heritage Park is just round the corner and is an excellent place to buy handicraft items for souvenirs.

Have a good day and don’t forget to tell me about your visit to this unique place!