Prashant Tamang, Massive Rains and India’s World Twenty 20 Cup Win : Calcutta Celebrates

Calcutta does not miss a chance to celebrate. We are all preparing (read shopping) for the upcoming Durga Puja festival and bang! At midnight, Sony TV crowns Prashant Tamang,  our Calcutta Police constable as the Indian Idol. Yes, yes – I remember that he is from Darjeeling but he has become ours now :P. Personally I prefer Amit Paul’s singing to Prashant’s but probably Prashant’s fans did the SMS management better. The whole city stayed up till late to celebrate his surprise win.

And then came the rains – first drizzle, then steady rains and then smart showers. Ok, they were heavy showers and gave us a perfect excuse to stay indoors to watch India battle it out with Pakistan, our arch-rivals, in the inaugural Twenty 20 cricket world cup. A match with any other country is a match; a match with Pakistan is war.

So we had to cheer the young Indian team! And what a match it turned out to be. Ups and downs. And more ups and downs. And our hearts missed a beat when Misbah struck a six and a four to make it "need just six runs off 4 balls". Gone again?

But he lost nerves and scooped the ball high up for Sreesanth to catch the ball and the cup. Wow! What a release of tension! Hope you were able to watch the senational moments and share the joy!

All the while India and Pakistan teams were locked in a tense battle to score runs, the rain Gods were letting loose massive buckets of water. It rained cats and dogs, and tigers and lions. Even the streets of Salt Lake were waterlogged. What a day! Hope we can reach office on Tuesday and try to recover some of the lost work!