Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut takes over the city of Calcutta!

Well not literally πŸ˜‰ but it has really created a storm in the pan. The other pizza shops like Domino’s and Giovani are feeling the heat and a big competition from this international hot favourite. All set and done for PIZZA LOVERS like me….

I really recommend getting the treat offers. Best is treat for 2. You get 2 personal pan pizzas, 1 garlic bread (+cheese for +rs10), 2 cokes and 2 scoops of ice-cream.This whole deligthful package is available for a cheap Rs.150/- (+tax)!!! (Editors note: Please verify with Pizza Hut – rates can change any time and they are not obliged to let us know).

I simply love Cheese Garlic Bread out there and Exotica Pizza. If you wanna have Pizza with a little Indian Touch, then the Indian Pizza with Paneer is not a bad bargain. One of my friends… she loves it. Or you can go for Spicy Indian –  it’s a HOT pizza.

P.S: Don’t take your friends on a birthday treat at Pizza Hut unless you can take all the fun and hoopla they create in the right spirit. They will make you stand on the middle of the table and sing a very good Birthday song for you and then will ask you to have ice cream from a bowl without a spoon and as you try having it…. that’s the end!!! The entire ice cream is on your face!!

Have fun!