City Centre, Salt Lake is a Happening Place

Is there a Calcuttan who has not heard about the City Centre in Salt lake? A relatively new hangout, it has picked up very fast and quickly developed in a place where everyone wants to be.

There are several leading brand shops for the compulsive shopper. But the jewel of the crown is the central courtyard where you can just laze around for hours watching kids run around or couples sitting cozy sipping coffee. Add the 4 screen multiplex, Inox and you are spoilt for choice of movies. Or you can pass countless hours at the Timezone, the video games parlour.

Enjoy a perfect dinner at one of the vast array of restaurants serving different cuisines – Kaafila for the North West frontier cuisine, Caught & Bowled or Kobe for some hot sizzlers and Haka for Chinese food. Or pizza at Pizza Hut. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is the choice of the local non-vegetarian crowd.

Did I miss out your favorite activity at the City Centre? Why not comment below and tell us what you enjoy the most. We will love to share your fun tales with you.

Kalighat Temple – Abode of Goddess Kali

"Jai Ma Kali" – you will find this sound reverberates in the Kalighat temple all the time, even if you cannot hear it with your physical ears. Goddess Kali is the craze of Calcuttans and if you happen to see the rush of devotees at the time of Kali Puja, Durga Puja and other such festival times, you will know what she means to Calcuttans.

Kalighat temple is also considered a tourist spot now sertraline tablets. Any Hindu visiting Calcutta makes it a point to visit the Kalighat temple.

Warning: There is a serious panda problem at this place. Best thing to do is to take a local person with you. Otherwise, buy prasad from an outside shop (I always go to Kali Bhandar, they have pedas which are made with less sugar), go inside and queue up, ignore all pestering from the pandas. It takes time to reach the garbh griha but you will have a nice darshan. The priest may ask for 100s of rupees but give what you want and stick on your stand (though politely).

Hope Ma Kali blesses your soul!

Caught And Bowled, City Centre, Salt Lake

Have you been to Caught and Bowled in the City Centre, Salt Lake? Pretty cool place smile

We liked the ambience – this is partly owned by Saurav Ganguly and you get the cricket mood right when you enter the restaurant. The place is done up with large posters of Sachin Tendulkar, Murli and of course, Saurav.

We enjoyed the food and the variety. The sizzlers are very nice. Slightly on the costlier side though.

There is a pub in the backside – I did not peek into that portion but I am told that it is doing quite well. Well all bars in Salt Lake tend to do well. Check it out.

Worth a visit when you are this side!

Kaafila, City Centre, Salt Lake

We recently visited Kaafila, a newer restaurant in City Centre at Salt Lake. Kaafila offers north west frontier cuisine from Punjab, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has nicely done interiors with carpets and lanterns hanging from pillars and walls.

While we did not get to taste the several non-vegetarian delicacies (we are pure-vegetarians), the few dishes that we tried were pretty good. Chatpate Paneer something was quite spicy though.

Overall a nice place with medium budget (not very cheap – sorry). However a friend who visited on a Sunday was less than delighted, probably because of the weekend rush.

Welcome to CalcuttaRocks: Notes About The Happening Places In Calcutta (Kolkata)

Calcutta (Kolkata if you please) rocks! It has a vibrant life of its own and those who have been here for some time and felt the warmth of its people, like to come back again and again. Of course, some people get dejected by the bandhs and other political nonsense but then, where else can you find such respect for the women and the elderly?

We will talk about the hot and happening places in Calcutta here. Discuss the cool hangouts where the young rub shoulders with the elderly. Feeling religious? You can even locate some nice temples and gurudwaras where you can pray to the almighty (watch your pockets though). Freak out at the night-clubs or empty your wallets at the shopping malls. Who says, people have no money left? Just check out the queues at the check-out counters of the malls and you will think different.

So get ready for the journey into the mind and body of Calcutta – it rocks!

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