Tamarind: Authentic South Indian food

If you like authentic South Indian food, you got to check out Tamarind. Well, I have not been there personally but a friend had really nice stories to tell.

They have an open kitchen and this friend who really loves Appam was thrilled to see them prepare an Appam right in front of him.

Itโ€™s easily approachable being on the main Sarat Bose Road past Hotel Hamilton when coming from Minto Park. They hold various speciality festivals like Hyderabad festival and coastal Kerala selections. These are great times for people from those areas or those who want to explore them, to come to Tamarind. The place gets lively with authentic posters of local films and is decorated with items that symbolise those areas.

Cafe Coffee Day: A lot can happen over Coffee!

One of my favourite hangouts in Kolkata is Cafe Coffee Day which is better know as "CCD". There are a number of CCD outlets in Kolkata and it’s a great place for friends to meet and spend their time.

Music played out there is good and rocking. Well my favourite CCD outlet is Lake side and the Park Street one, just next to Music world.

When you go to CCD, don’t forget to try out Chococino and Devil’s own with cream and chocolate sauce. Its YUM…. Well snacks are also available out there but I don’t like the sandwiches and the pizza at these outlets. Cafe Frappe rocks as a light drink, specially if you are looking for something cool to quench your thirst. Love it friend ๐Ÿ™‚

Forum: Have Some Time To Kill?

If you love to hangout with friends, family, cousins and all, then you should be at FORUM. It is right next to the most happening college of Kolkata, BHAWANIPUR COLLEGE ( Being a student of the college.. am a little partial towards it! )

Forum has got everything: from shopping outlets to food joints to gaming parlours to movie halls. I really doubt if it missed out on anything!

Out of all, Shopper’s Stop is the ultimate shopping destination; atleast for me! But outlets of Levi’s, Spykar, United Colors of Benetton etc should not be missed out. Now if you love designer stuff and brand conscious (and belong to the fairer sex), then don’t forget to check out on Ritu Kumar’s Collection, Satya Paul and a few more to add on the list.

Tie Bar in the ground floor has a marvellous collection of ties and they have a wide range for you to choose one to suit your budget. 

You know there is an amazing game parlour on the fourth floor right next to the Inox ticket counter. And while on the topic of Inox how can I not talk about it!

You might have heard about Inox movie hall already but still I would like to throw some light on it sertraline hcl 50 mg tablet. Well the movie hall is on the sixth floor but the ticket counter is on the fourth floor. They have got four movie screens running simultaneously; so if you don’t get the ticket for one show the other show is definitely waiting for you!

Note: Outside food is not allowed in there: not even a bottle of water but the canteen up there is good. I specially like the cheese popcorn and the coffee but mind you, they serve coffee without sugar, so don’t forget to ask them for sugar! This makes me remember that Bombay Sandwhich is also a good bargain.

Hey, don’t you forget to check out CORNS and ICE CREAM BALLS on fourth floor. They are simply mouth watering and now something for people who love to have MEMORABILIAs.

Just opposite to the corn and ice cream ball counter is a stall where you can get black and white sketch of yourself or with your loved one… and that too in less than two minutes! Isn’t that amazing?

Talking about all these, I have started feeling a litte hungry and this makes me remember some of the food joints like Starstruck, Oh calcutta etc. But a person like me who loves to have variety of food, BURP: the food court on fifth floor is the ultimate choice.

Don’t forget to check out Mongolian noodles and Crispy Chilly Babycorn of Hamingkok in Burp and not to forget the sandwiches of Stun the Sun.

But ya dont try your hands in having coffee from the south indian joint; it will be a mere disappointment!

Another Note: you can’t pay in cash o the individual counters! You have to have a Burp card to fill your stomach but no issues about that. Burp cards are readily available at the two cash counters!

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to add your experience by putting in a comment below.

The DHABAs of Kolkata

Kolkata has got a number of Dhabas and I find that dhabas are a better place than any other in KOLKATA……  what yummy food they make…….. and the best part, these are quite reasonable also.

My favourite is  the AZAD HIND Dhaba…. You just cant find food like there anywhere else and I love Indian food.

It simply doesn’t matter whether you are with friends or family…. If you really want to have good INDIAN FOOD… DHABAS specially AZAD HIND is the best cut off.

But there are some disasters as well! Like for example: Honey Da Dhaba near Kankurgachi :- food simply sucks there. I have been there thrice and all three experiences were disasters for me. So better look out before going!

On the other hand, people have got great comments about the Dhaba near the Airport.

Why don’t you post a comment and tell us about your favourite dhaba in Kolkata?

Mayaram’s: The Guy Who Made Pav Bhaji Famous in Calcutta

I am sure you are a fan of Mayaram’s Pav bhaji already. Don’t know what I am talking about? Then what are you doing here – run to Lord Sinha Road opposite A.C. Market and grab a Pav-bhaji. Yes, the same guy who had a stall in Victoria way then and was rumoured to earn much more than a successful mid-level businessman.

Mayaram Outlet in Lord Sinha Road is a little small but a good place if you wanna have some snacks in the evening. They have a range of items available but PAW BHAJI simply rocks!!!

Note: A suggestion – Don’t have PIZZA out there!!!! Simply a waste of money. It sucks!!

After you have your snacks there… just outside Mayaram there is a PAN ka Shop.. Amazing PAN out there and if you want to have something cold… definitely check out on the ICE GOLAS being offered there!!


Escoffier… Amazing Hangout for friends, lovers and even for the fact family at times but in the evening.

The decor of Escoffier is really nice and even though it is located at a place full of commotion but it is very peaceful. I love going there in the evenings as then those guys also make sitting arrangement outside but mind you… its a self service joint.

Food at Escoffier is good and you get a variety of breads and pizzas and stuffed rolls out there. Mocktails can’t also be left out. Try their salad – it is simply awesome!!! And as for the sweets… dont miss out on Chocolate Boat, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Pyramid!!!

Jyoti Vihar, South Indian food heaven in Central Calcutta

Jyoti Vihar – Simply a great food corner for all the lovers of South Indian food. It’s located near American Centre in Ho Chi Minh Sarani, just after Metro Plaza.

They have their speciality in DOSAS. Don’t just miss out on Butter Cheese Masala Dosa. I just love the food out there.

Although the ambience is not that good and even the decor but it always has a good rush… I mean a little cramped and a looong waiting queue. Specially during the lunch time, all the office goers in that area of Calcutta love to flock to Jyoti Vihar to have their lunch.

Quite cheap and food is also quite a filler!

Don’t forget to check it out but ya don’t drop in on a Monday…. it is closed on Mondays.

Coffee Pai – Paratha and Coffee Anyone?

Hey has any of you been to Coffee Pie??????? Ok-ok, I know it’s "COFFEE PAI".

Its on the same foot when we go from Vardaan towards Pantaloons in Camac Street….. do check it out… I just simply love the ambience out there…. the interiors are very soothing…….

The onion paratha…..aloo paratha…. are jus toooooo yummy to resist…. even the cheese sandwich rocks there…….. and not to forget iced black forest….. hmmmmm yummmmmmmy!!!!!!

Look writing here about it has got water in my mouth…. If you are hungry and want something good to eat…. don’t forget COFFEE PAI next time….

So, see ya all there!!!!!!!!!

Kobe’s Sizzlers : Check Them Out

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Kobe’s Sizzlers in the City Centre at Salt Lake. I have been meaning to try their sizzlers for quite some time but every time I went there, there was a largish queue and I did not want to wait. Took the dip this Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚

The ambience at Kobe’s is very nice though it is a smallish place. BTW, remember to be alert if you lean back on your chair – it may slip. The chairs are very lightweight.

There is a good variety of sizzlers and their idea of printing the vegetarian and non-veg menu on the opposite sides of the menu was much appreciated. They have a Kobe Signature sizzler which has got almost every ingredient – try this – you will like it. This is the first place where I found that they prefer you to eat directly from the serving, rather than serve the food in a typical plate and then eat.

I had no chance of trying out the non-veg delicacies, so I asked the floor manager to suggest some nice non-veg dishes for our non-veg loving friends pop over to this web-site. He recommended these:

  • Hokkaido Chicken
  • Mixed grill
  • Kobe signature
  • Kobe Prawn special
  • Fried Chicken with Pineapple

Vardaan Market Serves A Wide Class of People Jolly Well

Vardaan market on Camac Street has become very popular with the medium level Calcutta crowd for their shopping needs. When it was established, it took away a lot of dedicated A.C. Market clients who first went for curiosity and then realised that this market carries a wide range of goods at quite attractive prices.

The shops mainly stock cloths and apparel but there are quite a few jewellery shops in the 1st floor like Jalan Jewellers and India Gem & Jewellery. You can get sarees, salwar suits, men’s dresses, shoes and gift items. A shop selling audio and video CDs is very popular. Most of the shopkeepers will allow a little bit of discount if you insist but don’t expect to get major discounts like you get on the street shops.

While there, do not forget to visit the underground section. Some of these shops stock a very good collection.

Happy shopping!