Metro Railway: the first underground railway in India

Kolkata: one of the busiest cities of India and traveling in Kolkata is a big deal and with the automobile industry witnessing a growth rate of around 19%, cars are becoming cheaper day-by-day. Plus the easy availability of bank loans and different schemes, it has become very easy for even middle class families to own a car.

End result: traffic jam, accidents etc. In the mean time it has become very difficult for people like me who use public conveyance to travel. You can hardly think of being on time. It takes more than an hour to reach from one place to the other. When traveling seems so difficult; METRO RAILWAY comes as a sigh of relief.

Metro Railway, Kolkata is the first underground Metro Railway in India. It extends from Dum-Dum near Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose airport, Kolkata to Tollygunj, the busy north south axis of Kolkata over a length of 16.45 Kms. There are Seventeen Stations en route at about one km apart.

You can reach from the extreme south zone to the north zone in flat 30 minutes! Isn’t that amazing? Plus the no pollution! And the best part is, it is very cost effective. 

You don’t even need to panic if you miss a train. Metro rails run at regular time intervals with the minimum being 7 minutes and the maximum being 15 minutes. The fair is as low as Rs 4 and high as Rs 8.

Isn’t that a very cheap of traveling throughout the city?