Kalighat Temple – Abode of Goddess Kali

"Jai Ma Kali" – you will find this sound reverberates in the Kalighat temple all the time, even if you cannot hear it with your physical ears. Goddess Kali is the craze of Calcuttans and if you happen to see the rush of devotees at the time of Kali Puja, Durga Puja and other such festival times, you will know what she means to Calcuttans.

Kalighat temple is also considered a tourist spot now sertraline tablets. Any Hindu visiting Calcutta makes it a point to visit the Kalighat temple.

Warning: There is a serious panda problem at this place. Best thing to do is to take a local person with you. Otherwise, buy prasad from an outside shop (I always go to Kali Bhandar, they have pedas which are made with less sugar), go inside and queue up, ignore all pestering from the pandas. It takes time to reach the garbh griha but you will have a nice darshan. The priest may ask for 100s of rupees but give what you want and stick on your stand (though politely).

Hope Ma Kali blesses your soul!