City Centre, Salt Lake is a Happening Place

Is there a Calcuttan who has not heard about the City Centre in Salt lake? A relatively new hangout, it has picked up very fast and quickly developed in a place where everyone wants to be.

There are several leading brand shops for the compulsive shopper. But the jewel of the crown is the central courtyard where you can just laze around for hours watching kids run around or couples sitting cozy sipping coffee. Add the 4 screen multiplex, Inox and you are spoilt for choice of movies. Or you can pass countless hours at the Timezone, the video games parlour.

Enjoy a perfect dinner at one of the vast array of restaurants serving different cuisines – Kaafila for the North West frontier cuisine, Caught & Bowled or Kobe for some hot sizzlers and Haka for Chinese food. Or pizza at Pizza Hut. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is the choice of the local non-vegetarian crowd.

Did I miss out your favorite activity at the City Centre? Why not comment below and tell us what you enjoy the most. We will love to share your fun tales with you.