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If you love to hangout with friends, family, cousins and all, then you should be at FORUM. It is right next to the most happening college of Kolkata, BHAWANIPUR COLLEGE ( Being a student of the college.. am a little partial towards it! )

Forum has got everything: from shopping outlets to food joints to gaming parlours to movie halls. I really doubt if it missed out on anything!

Out of all, Shopper’s Stop is the ultimate shopping destination; atleast for me! But outlets of Levi’s, Spykar, United Colors of Benetton etc should not be missed out. Now if you love designer stuff and brand conscious (and belong to the fairer sex), then don’t forget to check out on Ritu Kumar’s Collection, Satya Paul and a few more to add on the list.

Tie Bar in the ground floor has a marvellous collection of ties and they have a wide range for you to choose one to suit your budget. 

You know there is an amazing game parlour on the fourth floor right next to the Inox ticket counter. And while on the topic of Inox how can I not talk about it!

You might have heard about Inox movie hall already but still I would like to throw some light on it sertraline hcl 50 mg tablet. Well the movie hall is on the sixth floor but the ticket counter is on the fourth floor. They have got four movie screens running simultaneously; so if you don’t get the ticket for one show the other show is definitely waiting for you!

Note: Outside food is not allowed in there: not even a bottle of water but the canteen up there is good. I specially like the cheese popcorn and the coffee but mind you, they serve coffee without sugar, so don’t forget to ask them for sugar! This makes me remember that Bombay Sandwhich is also a good bargain.

Hey, don’t you forget to check out CORNS and ICE CREAM BALLS on fourth floor. They are simply mouth watering and now something for people who love to have MEMORABILIAs.

Just opposite to the corn and ice cream ball counter is a stall where you can get black and white sketch of yourself or with your loved one… and that too in less than two minutes! Isn’t that amazing?

Talking about all these, I have started feeling a litte hungry and this makes me remember some of the food joints like Starstruck, Oh calcutta etc. But a person like me who loves to have variety of food, BURP: the food court on fifth floor is the ultimate choice.

Don’t forget to check out Mongolian noodles and Crispy Chilly Babycorn of Hamingkok in Burp and not to forget the sandwiches of Stun the Sun.

But ya dont try your hands in having coffee from the south indian joint; it will be a mere disappointment!

Another Note: you can’t pay in cash o the individual counters! You have to have a Burp card to fill your stomach but no issues about that. Burp cards are readily available at the two cash counters!

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to add your experience by putting in a comment below.

Vardaan market on Camac Street has become very popular with the medium level Calcutta crowd for their shopping needs. When it was established, it took away a lot of dedicated A.C. Market clients who first went for curiosity and then realised that this market carries a wide range of goods at quite attractive prices.

The shops mainly stock cloths and apparel but there are quite a few jewellery shops in the 1st floor like Jalan Jewellers and India Gem & Jewellery. You can get sarees, salwar suits, men’s dresses, shoes and gift items. A shop selling audio and video CDs is very popular. Most of the shopkeepers will allow a little bit of discount if you insist but don’t expect to get major discounts like you get on the street shops.

While there, do not forget to visit the underground section. Some of these shops stock a very good collection.

Happy shopping!

Is there a Calcuttan who has not heard about the City Centre in Salt lake? A relatively new hangout, it has picked up very fast and quickly developed in a place where everyone wants to be.

There are several leading brand shops for the compulsive shopper. But the jewel of the crown is the central courtyard where you can just laze around for hours watching kids run around or couples sitting cozy sipping coffee. Add the 4 screen multiplex, Inox and you are spoilt for choice of movies. Or you can pass countless hours at the Timezone, the video games parlour.

Enjoy a perfect dinner at one of the vast array of restaurants serving different cuisines – Kaafila for the North West frontier cuisine, Caught & Bowled or Kobe for some hot sizzlers and Haka for Chinese food. Or pizza at Pizza Hut. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is the choice of the local non-vegetarian crowd.

Did I miss out your favorite activity at the City Centre? Why not comment below and tell us what you enjoy the most. We will love to share your fun tales with you.

Calcutta (Kolkata if you please) rocks! It has a vibrant life of its own and those who have been here for some time and felt the warmth of its people, like to come back again and again. Of course, some people get dejected by the bandhs and other political nonsense but then, where else can you find such respect for the women and the elderly?

We will talk about the hot and happening places in Calcutta here. Discuss the cool hangouts where the young rub shoulders with the elderly. Feeling religious? You can even locate some nice temples and gurudwaras where you can pray to the almighty (watch your pockets though). Freak out at the night-clubs or empty your wallets at the shopping malls. Who says, people have no money left? Just check out the queues at the check-out counters of the malls and you will think different.

So get ready for the journey into the mind and body of Calcutta – it rocks!

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