Gautam’s on the Bypass

Gautam’s on Bypass is an excellent place for drive-in coffee or tea sip and as well a great hangout with friends. It is on the right side when you drive towards Ultadanga from Park Circus. The best part about Gautam’s is, it is open late nights also. So in case you want to go for […]

Barista: Coffee anyone?

Want to hangout with friends at some coffee shop or just spend sometime with your loved ones? Barista is the ideal place for you to be. Barista is my favorite hangout when I am with friends and it is again a favorite hangout for people who wish to spend sometime with their loved ones and […]

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut takes over the city of Calcutta! Well not literally 😉 but it has really created a storm in the pan. The other pizza shops like Domino’s and Giovani are feeling the heat and a big competition from this international hot favourite. All set and done for PIZZA LOVERS like me…. I really recommend […]