Welcome to CalcuttaRocks: Notes About The Happening Places In Calcutta (Kolkata)

Calcutta (Kolkata if you please) rocks! It has a vibrant life of its own and those who have been here for some time and felt the warmth of its people, like to come back again and again. Of course, some people get dejected by the bandhs and other political nonsense but then, where else can you find such respect for the women and the elderly?

We will talk about the hot and happening places in Calcutta here. Discuss the cool hangouts where the young rub shoulders with the elderly. Feeling religious? You can even locate some nice temples and gurudwaras where you can pray to the almighty (watch your pockets though). Freak out at the night-clubs or empty your wallets at the shopping malls. Who says, people have no money left? Just check out the queues at the check-out counters of the malls and you will think different.

So get ready for the journey into the mind and body of Calcutta – it rocks!

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