Barista: Coffee anyone?

Want to hangout with friends at some coffee shop or just spend sometime with your loved ones? Barista is the ideal place for you to be.

Barista is my favorite hangout when I am with friends and it is again a favorite hangout for people who wish to spend sometime with their loved ones and no one else!

Barista has got a number of outlets in Calcutta but my all time favorite remains Park Street outlet just opposite to Oxford Book Store or the Park Hotel. Recently they have come up with a new outlet next to the back gate of Forum in Elgin road.

The two hot coffees, Café Mocha and Cappuccino out there at Barista remains an all time favorite. And how can I forget black forest and the brownie with ice cream?!? They are simply irresistible! And the sandwiches available there are even good bargain for the amount of money you give. Try out the iced tea as well but lemon flavor. Other flavors are not that good.

The ambience at Barista is so soothing with the soft music being played in the background that you don’t at all feel uncomfortable sitting there and spending time with who ever he/she might be!

Mind you: At Barista, you have to help yourself.