Bar-B-Q: Are you a chinese foodie?

Bar-B-Q: Are you a lover of Chinese food or are a person who loves Chinese food? If the answer is YES, then Bar-B-Q is THE PLACE for you!

The do have Indian food also available but CHINESE simply rocks there! Although I did not have had the chance to have Indian out there…. if you have it then don’t forget to let me know. 

You have the option to choose from a wide range of menu. Veg Hakka noodles with gravy or without gravy, Manchurian, Chilly Babycorn, Chilly Paneer, American corn are some of my favourites.

Good place for friends and as well as family!

P.S: Don’t miss out on the sweet corn soup else it will be a waste to be at Bar-B-Q.

So if you want to be there and try Chinese food, then just be there at Park Street and ask anyone for Bar-B-Q, you will come to know where it is or else if you want to find out your own way: then just walk straight from THE PARK Hotel towards MUSIC WORLD and you get it on the left.