AQUATICA: Fun waits for you here!

People aren’t wrong when they say Kolkata is a city of paradoxes.

I am here with another place filled with fun, thrill and life! Yes, it’s none other than AQUATICA, the water park.

I am sure the thrills and spills of Aquatica will make you go mad! With artificial waves buffeting you from all sides, tornadoes and dance floors, all ready to whip up a wet dream, Aquatica is the ultimate cool hangout.

This wonderful amusement Park has a bewildering variety of water sports that attracts the youth brigade. The park easily accommodates 5,000 people.

As you approach Aquatica, from a distance you can see the magnificent archway with flags fluttering on top, literally welcoming you to come and visit this fabulous place. Once inside, a whole new watery world opens up in front of your eyes, especially the artificially created waves which seem to be a perfect reproduction of its natural counterpart.

An artificial river meanders through the park. Visitors are allowed to swim and wade in it. Aquatica features great rides and adventures such as the Black Hole, where one enters a dark hole from a great height and emerges at the ground level.

You might be a little worried if you don’t know swimming. Not to worry! The water level at Aquatica is very manageable and is just 5 feet deep. As far as hygiene is concerned, the water is recycled every hour.

The main attraction of Aquatica is Aqua Wave Pool because of its changing waves. It is a unique spot with the ambience of a leach sans the sun on a sweltering summer day. A plethora of rides are available and for the quintessential water sport enthusiast, there is rafting and the mesmerizing Cyclone Pool where one can actually feel the Tornado. Its scary but at the end of the day, it’s a whole lot of fun really.

And now the best part!

Discotheque! That too on water! Fountains springing from the small dance floor. You have the option of dancing your blues away at Aqua Dance with foot tapping numbers being played on the background.

Reading all these and still not feeling like getting wet in the fun-filled water of Aquatica! Not to worry again.

For you, who simply want to chill off without much activity, there is an artificially created river that meanders through the sprawling 8 acres water park. You can hire a beach chair and simply laze off with a good book.

Within the park there is the ‘Aqua Caffe, a restaurant. It serves pure vegetarian food. A good place to fill in your bellies!

Fun is not yet over!

Few kilometers away from Aquatica, Nicco Park, the Disneyland of Kolkata, another place full of fun awaits for you! Adjacent to the park is the Nalban Boating Complex, the unique aquatic joint with its placid waters and rows of shady trees under the vast expanse of the welkin above, offering a close-to-nature experience with its greenery, flowers and the cool breezes blowing across the wetlands. Opposite the Salt Lake stadium is the Subhash Sarovar (lake), which is not very well maintained but has the potential to become a nice tourist spot. Swabhumi Heritage Park is just round the corner from where you can buy handicraft items for souvenirs. The Science City, which is Kolkata’s version of Disney Land, too is just a stone’s throw away and you will be spell bound by the magical appeal of the make belief Jurassic Park that has replicas of Dinosaurs. The Ropeway too is a great way to enjoy for the intrepid thrill-seeker.

What say? Wanna live the fun and masti in the air?

Well reaching there is very convenient. It is at a distance of 15 minutes drive from Nicco Park. Local buses, mini buses and metered taxis are readily available from various parts of the city. One can also avail shared auto rickshaws. Train services are available on the Sealdah route. In case of travel by train, your getaway station is Dum Dum.  If you are traveling by suburban trains, be careful since pick pocketing is rampant.

I am sure, your visits to Aquatica will not only provide you a cool atmosphere, surely will also make your Kolkata tour an unforgettable experience in your lifetime.