Afraa: New Restaurant Cum Lounge Bar in City Centre, Calcutta

Always crazy to try out new hangouts and restaurants? Visit Afraa and get enchanted with the white beauty.

I recently saw in a newspaper that Ambuja Realty has unveiled their new, all-white (Afraa means white) restaurant and got excited to try it out. I was sceptic of getting a quick seat on a Sunday evening, but took a chance anyway hoping that not-too many people have heard about it. I was surprised to see a fairly large number of people already dining out. You can’t keep a good thing hidden for long.

2 things struck me immediately upon entry. The layout is well spread out and there are multiple pockets of a few tables each. You don’t get to see a large number of tables lined up and this gives you a much better sense of privacy. The interiors are simple and elegant and mostly in white to justify the name. I cannot but mention the wall decoration with glass jars which looks quite striking. If you can, try to get a seat with a view of the Kund area of the City Centre – it looks great from up there.

The menu spread was a little sparse and on asking about it, the manager advised that they will be adding several more items once the lounge bar opens by end-March. The choice is varied with Continental items ruling the list. There are a few Indian and Chinese items also. This being a new place for us and because of our strict vegetarian preferences, we asked the floor manager to suggest some good dishes and I must say, we were delighted by the items he got for us.

There was a surprise waiting for us after the dessert – they offered us some really cool chocolate dipped paan. I do not know if this is just an introductory offer or they intend to continue offering these but you should really like them.

At the end, we took a prevew tour of the fabulous lounge below and I will be talking about that in a future post. Meanwhile if you are thinking of visiting Afraa, it is on the 7th floor of the G-block (the block with Fern and Petals near the car entry gate). Enjoy and do post a comment here after you come back.