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Bhikharam Chandmal has opened a new outlet at Salt Lake near the City Centre. They are selling sweets and salted snacks as well as North Indian dinner on self-service basis. They have the classic Bikaneri bhujia, chana-chur, namkeens and what not – almost everything you can expect from a North Indian, specially Rajasthani sweet shop.

I love their Kesaria Rabri, Jodhpuri mirch pakoda, mini gulab jamun, almond laddoo with chocolate sauce on top – well the list goes on and on. They even have a hot dishes counter near the front-gate. However I do wish they also carried the Kesaria ice-cream as they do in the Kankurgachi outlet.

In my humble opinion, Bhikharam’s bhujia snacks are better and fresher compared to Haldiram’s and you are well advised to try them the next time you are shopping at the City Centre.

Always crazy to try out new hangouts and restaurants? Visit Afraa and get enchanted with the white beauty.

I recently saw in a newspaper that Ambuja Realty has unveiled their new, all-white (Afraa means white) restaurant and got excited to try it out. I was sceptic of getting a quick seat on a Sunday evening, but took a chance anyway hoping that not-too many people have heard about it. I was surprised to see a fairly large number of people already dining out. You can’t keep a good thing hidden for long.

2 things struck me immediately upon entry. The layout is well spread out and there are multiple pockets of a few tables each. You don’t get to see a large number of tables lined up and this gives you a much better sense of privacy. The interiors are simple and elegant and mostly in white to justify the name. I cannot but mention the wall decoration with glass jars which looks quite striking. If you can, try to get a seat with a view of the Kund area of the City Centre – it looks great from up there.

The menu spread was a little sparse and on asking about it, the manager advised that they will be adding several more items once the lounge bar opens by end-March. The choice is varied with Continental items ruling the list. There are a few Indian and Chinese items also. This being a new place for us and because of our strict vegetarian preferences, we asked the floor manager to suggest some good dishes and I must say, we were delighted by the items he got for us.

There was a surprise waiting for us after the dessert – they offered us some really cool chocolate dipped paan. I do not know if this is just an introductory offer or they intend to continue offering these but you should really like them.

At the end, we took a prevew tour of the fabulous lounge below and I will be talking about that in a future post. Meanwhile if you are thinking of visiting Afraa, it is on the 7th floor of the G-block (the block with Fern and Petals near the car entry gate). Enjoy and do post a comment here after you come back.

Mcdonald’s finally opened an outlet in Calcutta at 55, Park Street (where Blue Fox once delighted it’s fans) and has got  crazy fans queueing up. Lovers of Big Mac and all sorts of veggie and non-veggie delights are going ga-ga and sinking their teeth in the favorite items that has the world rooting for the family restaurant, McDonald’s.

Sorry I have not visited this outlet yet, so I cannot give you a first hand report. If you have been there, why don’t you share your experience with us by posting a comment below?

Have you been to Lazeez? If you haven’t then I am sure you missed out on great North Indian food. 

You can actually have the fun of having great North Indian food without making big holes in your pocket, as the restaurant is very reasonable. I simply loved the food out there and they have a wide variety of North Indian food.

Even for the fact, Chinese out there is also not a bad bargain but I didn’t like the deco of the restaurant. It’s very pale and gives a very dull feel but then the interiors can be compromised when it comes to good food! What say?

Now you must be wondering that where is La-Zeez? Well the answer is very simple! It is located right next to P. C. Chandra jewelers in Elgin Road.

Have a great time having North Indian food out there.

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Oh, you will love being at BB’s. Super food there. Just ask for Crispy Chilli Babycorn as a starter and you will know what I am talking about.

They have a buffet spread at lunch time which is quite good and very affordable. 

One of my colleagues, he loves to go to BB’s whenever he is in a mood for some excellent food. He simply loved the Au gratin served there and according to him, vegetable kababs were also delicious.

Note: Just had a tip from my colleague: BB’s since is located in an official area of Sector V in Salt Lake: so weekdays is very crowdy but on Sundays unlike other restaurants of Salt Lake it is easy to grab a chair there!

P.S: Try taking your own convenience if you are going to BB’s on Sundays,  coz it might be a little difficult to get hold of a cab while coming back!

Enjoy the food out there at BB’s. 

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Bar-B-Q: Are you a lover of Chinese food or are a person who loves Chinese food? If the answer is YES, then Bar-B-Q is THE PLACE for you!

The do have Indian food also available but CHINESE simply rocks there! Although I did not have had the chance to have Indian out there…. if you have it then don’t forget to let me know. 

You have the option to choose from a wide range of menu. Veg Hakka noodles with gravy or without gravy, Manchurian, Chilly Babycorn, Chilly Paneer, American corn are some of my favourites.

Good place for friends and as well as family!

P.S: Don’t miss out on the sweet corn soup else it will be a waste to be at Bar-B-Q.

So if you want to be there and try Chinese food, then just be there at Park Street and ask anyone for Bar-B-Q, you will come to know where it is or else if you want to find out your own way: then just walk straight from THE PARK Hotel towards MUSIC WORLD and you get it on the left.

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Pizza Hut takes over the city of Calcutta!

Well not literally 😉 but it has really created a storm in the pan. The other pizza shops like Domino’s and Giovani are feeling the heat and a big competition from this international hot favourite. All set and done for PIZZA LOVERS like me….

I really recommend getting the treat offers. Best is treat for 2. You get 2 personal pan pizzas, 1 garlic bread (+cheese for +rs10), 2 cokes and 2 scoops of ice-cream.This whole deligthful package is available for a cheap Rs.150/- (+tax)!!! (Editors note: Please verify with Pizza Hut – rates can change any time and they are not obliged to let us know).

I simply love Cheese Garlic Bread out there and Exotica Pizza. If you wanna have Pizza with a little Indian Touch, then the Indian Pizza with Paneer is not a bad bargain. One of my friends… she loves it. Or you can go for Spicy Indian –  it’s a HOT pizza.

P.S: Don’t take your friends on a birthday treat at Pizza Hut unless you can take all the fun and hoopla they create in the right spirit. They will make you stand on the middle of the table and sing a very good Birthday song for you and then will ask you to have ice cream from a bowl without a spoon and as you try having it…. that’s the end!!! The entire ice cream is on your face!!

Have fun!

If you like authentic South Indian food, you got to check out Tamarind. Well, I have not been there personally but a friend had really nice stories to tell.

They have an open kitchen and this friend who really loves Appam was thrilled to see them prepare an Appam right in front of him.

It’s easily approachable being on the main Sarat Bose Road past Hotel Hamilton when coming from Minto Park. They hold various speciality festivals like Hyderabad festival and coastal Kerala selections. These are great times for people from those areas or those who want to explore them, to come to Tamarind. The place gets lively with authentic posters of local films and is decorated with items that symbolise those areas.

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