Tired of buying new cartridges when the old one runs out? Budget going haywire? Consider refilling the old cartridges.

Re-feel can refill your old laser and inkjet printer cartridges to make them like new at a much lower cost than buying a new one. This way, you save lots of money, you are also helping the environment by sending one less cartridge to the dump site.

Re-feel has a presence in over 85 cities and is headquartered in Kolkata. They can even refurbish the old laser cartridges, increasing their life span. Most cartridges can be refilled 4-5 times before these have to be discarded thus bringing down your cost per page drastically.

However please note that the refilled cartridges can void your equipment warranty and therefore, you should proceed with caution on this account.


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Are you feeling stressed with your daily problems? Does your morning yoga fail to recharge you for the day? There may be inherent issues hiding in your sub-conscious that need to be discovered and taken care of.

Priha BhartiaPradhika Bhartia offers handwriting analysis to help you identify the significant traits of your inner self. Once you realise what are the things that are holding you back, you can undertake an optional corrective therapy to impact the inner processes and see corresponding changes in your day to day life.

If your child or a family member is not able to write English text required for the analysis, you can opt for colour and drawing analysis also.

Her numerology readings based on Pythagorean theory, will help her to suggest you changes in your or your business’s name to bring about positive changes. She can also answer your specific questions like “Will this business deal be fruitful to me?” with Tarot card readings.

While several people dispute these disciplines, the followers have reported very good results. Take your call and explore these options if you will.




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Exactlly ERP softwareNot satisfied with the accounting software your company uses? Do you have several software, which won’t talk to each other and share data? You might need an ERP.

Exactlly software of Kolkata sells ExactllyERP, the integrated software that helps you manage different aspects of your business through a single platform. Industries like cement, seeds, iron & steel and chemicals can use this software to streamline their business processes and save money. You can get quicker and comprehensive reports that will help you take informed decisions and improve the bottom line as well as the top line.

Exactlly HRMS SoftwareThey also market ExactllyHRMS, the human resources software that not only does payroll but helps you manage the entire hiring cycle and keep track of an employees’ progress in your company through the years.

ExactllyCRM is indispensable for the companies to keep all customer related data in one place and see the entire pre-sales and post-sales interactions. It is said that Getting a new customer is 7 times tougher than retaining the old ones and this software help you achieve that goal.



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Ebizindia, a Calcutta based software development and digital marketing company, has released an online wedding planning software for families planning a wedding.

The software provides features for end to end management of all wedding arrangements like guest management, invitations & RSVP, gifts, sweets & cards distribution etc. It also allows easy tracking of all arrivals & departures for outstation guests along with the hotels and cars allotted to them.

People generally plan weddings with paper diaries and Excel sheets but that is a rather clumsy process. It is difficult to keep track of the frequent revisions in the different lists specially when multiple people are sharing the responsibility of management.

WedPlan has all the data in one central database and everyone sees the same view & updates the same data set. This heavily reduces the hassles. At a nominal license cost, you can save lots of time, which can be used for tending to the business activities or spent with the family and friends.

A FREE demo is available here with no obligation to buy and no pushy sales people to chase you.

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Your favorite blog on Calcutta (ok, Kolkata) has gone mobile. With the help of Webile, the mobile blog people, this blog is now visible on a mobile phone in an easy to read format.

You do not need to remember a new URL – just visit on your mobile handset (iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, Android phones or even LG, Samsung, Nokia handsets)and you can see all the recent posts. Click (or touch) and read any posts that suits your fancy or read them all, one by one.

Your comments are welcome and don’t forget to contact Webile people if you want your blog to be available on a mobile phone too. Their fee is so low, you might actually fall off your chair.

A new international school is opening in Kolkata – the Akademia International School. While strictly not a hangout, you should still explore this because every new school coming up in Kolkata will help to reduce the huge tension that the parents go through when looking for a good school to get their kids into.

The promoters claim to be setting up the school with a rigorous academic curriculum, well-defined co-curricular programme, experienced faculty members, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The education a child receives at Akademia will be truly international with support for several different boards and education systems.

The School will commence its first academic session in March 2011. Located only 15 kms away from the National Library in Alipore, it is a day boarding school with widespread Academic, Athletic, Activity and Anciliary zones. The admissions open in October 2010.

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We are soon going to introduce business listings for Kolkata companies on this web site. Each registered business will get a one page listing with logo, company name and list of products and services that they offer along with contact information. There will a direct link to the company’s web site if they have one.

This is going to be a very attractive and economical medium to get additional exposure to your business and company. The first 5 companies will be offered a free listing. Rush your request to info AT ebizindia DOT com. The next 5 companies will be able to order this package at very nominal Rs 1000 per year. You cannot get a link at this price, let alone a dedicated page.

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